33 weeks

7 more to go.
Weight this morning was 192.8 pounds. I'm trying hard to keep it in check and not over indulge. 

Baby has been moving a lot but none of the craY flips. Twice this week we went to do the hd ultrasound. Baby refused to move either time. He was laying transverse with his feet up at his face totally bent in half. It's adorable except when you want pictures of that little face. We got a couple and he has the big cheeks like Leiland and his nose and lips look totally different. I can't wait to see him in a couple months. 

Yesterday in the shower I felt what I am pretty sure was a contraction. That freaks Tim out because its so early, but Leiland was late and I had a TON before he came, so Im not worried.

Today I started taking the red raspberry leaf tea but the pills. I read to start them about 32 weeks, but waited till today. Im taking 2x 400mg pills 3x a day with meals. So a total of 2400mg a day. At 36 weeks I will start the evening primrose oil.

I have been seeing the chiropractor in hopes to get some help on my back. I have been 3 times now. He was able to really loosen my upper back and my heartburn has been completely in control since he did that. Its amazing. I have to still take zantac when we eat pizza and last night when we had a tomato sauce based recipe. So I see him again this week Friday, then twice next week. After that (2 weeks 3x a week) I will start seeing him once a week till baby is born. For the most part I wasn't incredibly sore at any of the appts. Tim had been home and I didn't do much. But Tuesday I worked really hard doing lots of laundry, cleaning the master bath, and cleaning up the toy room. So when I went in yesterday there was no doubt that I was SORE. He could feel the extra tension and I actually walked away feeling better. I wasn't sure if I would feel relief right away.

Next week I begin twice weekly NST appts. Mondays and Thursdays. Then on the 21st we go in for another ultrasound but with the high risk specialist. They will just look at his cord and growth at this point to make sure all is good. Im a little nervous but happy for the second opinion. Tim is also doing all he can to come to that appt with us.

So basically everything is still going good. I am still sleeping on my belly but not as often. I am on my side more and a pillow between my hips is helping. I am starting to get tired more but not so much that I can't do things. I am still keeping up with Leiland for the most part.


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