Baby Owen 2 month update

Holy cow he's 2 months already? Sure is going fast. He's been doing better since being on reflux medication. I have reintroduced dairy and can say that maybe he is a little more gassy but not much difference so I'm not completely cutting it out but trying to limit quantity.

Owen really likes his play mat. He is just starting to swat at his toys. He listens intently when we read books. He is not a fan of the car seat. Still takes the pacifier but not as often. He really likes chewing his hands. When he is resting in a good mood he kicks his feet a ton. It's pretty adorable. 

Owen is beginning to chatter more often and I love baby talk. He will hold my finger when falling asleep and nursing. He loves being held and wakes most times when put down. We're working on that though. 

I'll have his height and weight on Wednesday. 

Size 3m clothes
Size 1 diapers

smiles at 4 weeks 4 days old

Owen and Austin

Leiland on the left and Owen on the right - both right at 8 weeks old


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