4 month update

So we missed 3 months, oops. I will make a bigger update, but we moved.

So yesterday was Owen's 4 month appt a few days early.
14 pounds 4 oz
25" long
head was 17"
3-6m clothes (just starting 9m onsies for length)
Size 3 diapers (just moved up this week)

So he is growing good. We upped his zantac prescription to 1.5ml based on his weight. He was starting to show some more signs of reflux getting worse, but I knew it was likely we just needed to revamp his prescription.

So things have been crazy so I will try to remember things and make it pretty quick.

Owen rolls, Front to back and back to belly. I think he forgot he could roll belly to back though. He likes playing on the floor and being under his toys not he activity mat. Because he can roll he has a habit of doing it the second you lay him down. He rolled back to belly July 12th for the first time. Just needed a few days of being able to try once we moved into this apartment. June 11 was the first time he rolled belly to back.

Now we have crazy belly laughs. First laugh was 25 June - eek.

Owen has fallen into being a great little napper. His schedule right now is waking around 730, up till 9sih and down for a nap till about 11-12. He gets up and then goes back down usually between 2-3. He will sleep till 4-530 usually then up till bedtime around 7-830 depending on the day. He rarely nurses to sleep. Although he doesn't usually use the pacifier anymore he will use it when I hold him to get him to sleep. I put it in and turn him in like he's nursing (to hold the pacifier in place) and he falls asleep usually within a few minutes. I just pat on his little bottom. Lately he nurses every 3-4 hours. Usually right on at 3 hours. At night he sleeps only waking 1 time is the norm. Last week there were a few nights of 3-4 wakings.

Owen is in the crib now for naps and bedtime. He is just too squirmy to keep in the bed anymore. The boys are sharing a room and so far it hasn't been as issue with Owen waking Leiland or Leiland waking Owen. I lay him on his back or side and he usually instantly rolls to his tummy. It took two days once he learned to do it for him to not freak about it. He didn't used to prefer being on his tummy but now he does like that for sleeping.

He doesn't take the pacifier much anymore because now he much prefers his fingers. He favors his right hand and his middle and ring finger. He has started sucking his thumb all the way to having the whole fist in his mouth. Its adorable and I love that he can soothe himself.

Like Leiland, he HATES the car. He is SO happy and easy going until you get in the farm its miserable. There could be worse things, but its gotten to the point that I avoid going anywhere I have to drive more then 10 minutes because its seriously miserable. He even begun a new cry that just tugs at me and makes me start to cry. He also no longer wants to go in the ergo unless he's going to sleep. If he isn't tired he just cries in it. I don't think he likes how constricted he feels. He wants to kick and move and I guess it doesn't give him that freedom he wants. Hopefully he grows to like it.

Lastly Owen is doing great holding onto his toys and chewing EVERYTHING. He loves fingers, toys, necklaces, and whatever he can get his little hands on. He won't play with them when on his tummy but loves them on his back.

Picture time.....
26 June

3 Months old
4th of July


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