Owens 7.5 month update

Really behind on the updates lately. Missed 6 months so thought I'd catch up with 7 months, and here we are 17 days late. To top it all off he's gone crazy getting mobile.

So he has been army crawling since just before Tim deployed in late September. The other day (14 November) he finally connected the dots and began crawling on all 4's. For several weeks he was doing 2-3 steps with all 4 crawling but all of a sudden he just did it. It was so cute too. He was in the middle of the room, shifted to all 4, and started crawling to Anna. I cheered him on and he just kept going. I was SO excited and snagged a cell phone video of it. Then I changed his diaper and left him over there and he did it again, all the way to Anna. Leiland was excited and cheering him one, calling Owen to him too. Owen started then dodged him to crawl around Leiland to get to Anna. It was hilarious, and Leiland was rather bummed to say the least.

Now that he has been crawling a few days he doesn't do all 4 100% of the time but probably 60-70% of the time he will get up one 4. In the past couple weeks he has quickly started pulling up on things too. Today I set hi outside the bathroom so I could help Leiland with his hands and teeth - less than a minute he was standing up holding onto the exersaucer. He tries to do more than he can just yet and falls over a few times a day. Usually he doesn't cry too much with bumping his head but this week it seems to be getting to him more than usual.

I've been told and on occasion experienced times where learning new things interrupts sleep - but he seems to be doing ok. Some nights he will wake a few hours after going to bed to nurse again, then back to sleep. This is usually anywhere between 9-11pm most nights when he wakes. Id say he is waking at night like this 2-3 times a week. And most nights he slept till 8am. Sometimes he wakes at 6-7am to come nurse and go back to sleep in my bed. Once this week he woke around 2am but went back to his crib at 230 and slept till the morning. So overall pretty good at sleeping. The few wake ups aren't really bothering me too much since he just eats and goes to sleep.

Owen is a dream when it comes to sleep at home. He goes in his crib and goes to sleep with little or no fuss at all. He usually naps around 10am and 2pm. Bed is between 7-8pm most nights. Being out and about definitely throws that all off but he still goes to bed so nicely. I usually play his little elephant with lullabies and put the star turtle on. He might fuss when I am still standing there but once the door is closed he just rolls over and goes to sleep.

Right now Owen is eating 2x a day. I try to feed him breakfast and dinner, but we are pretty close to adding a 3rd session. He seems like he wants more and freaks if you are eating and he isn't. He prefers puree food over solids just yet. I can give him banana and he just spits it out unless its in his little boon silicone feeder. He loves it in there, but not as pieces. I gave him olives and bits of breadstick and 90% made it to the flood. He puts it in his mouth and spits it out. He likes puffs but many get spit back out. He doesn't like to chew on food at all. But he likes purees and he eats quite a lot of it. He is a bit of a picket eater too. He HATES peas, peaches, sweet potatoes, carrots, and green beans. Peas are the worst, he actually acts like he might puke. Sometimes he does ok if I mix them with other foods, but Im not pushing it right now. He likes yogurt a lot but I think it makes him puke more. Or I just notice it more because it smells FOUL when he pukes after yogurt. I make most of our baby food and buy what I can't find to make myself. I also like bought food for when we are out and about  sometimes its just easier because Im a terrible planner some days.

Owen is still nursing pretty good. He's had a few bottles the last few weeks. One for me to go to the dentist, and another at a birthday party for convenience (and so grandma could feed him). I nurse whenever he wants, but he gets SO distracted, even at home. Leiland talking or playing makes him stop and not want to go back. I used to time it to nurse in the car, but now the steering wheel is too distracting. He will only nurse when out and about it seems when he is tired. He won't go to sleep but he will stop moving long enough to get some milk. I don't ever feel like he empties me or I feel like I don't have enough milk for him because he doesn't seem to nurse a whole lot these days.

With him not nursing a lot Im worried my period will be back soon, but so far still nothing. Weight is stagnant at 180 - where I started when I got pregnant.

Owen still has no teeth and isn't saying any words just yet. But he is starting to babble a little more. He does however wave now and its so adorable. He also started hitting all surfaces to hear the sound they make. We are using baby sign language and last night he was trying to make a sign with his hands, it was so precious.

Love my little Owen and his crazy little personality. He goes non stop during the day. He seriously does not sit still and cuddle. He just wants to be down playing. If I am holding him he is doing flips to reach something or trying to hang upside down. He is uber ticklish. The other day in the bath just ringing out the washcloth over his back made him squirm.

I don't know what he weighs, but he is something around 18 pounds would be my guess. He is in 12 month clothes and wore an 18 month onsie the other day. Stop growing so fast little man. And he is in size 3 diapers still.


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