Best day ever

I can honestly say - today was one of my best days ever. I hope it leaves some lasting memory on Leiland but if not its ok.

Started out with snuggly boys in bed - love that time together.

Anna came over and watched Leiland while I took Owen out to lunch with my good friend Kim. It was great because without him there we could actually talk and catch up. Then add that I had an incredible french dip (been craving them lately) just topped it off. Owen fell asleep in my arms which gave us even more hang out time uninterrupted.

Owen fell asleep on the way home and transferred to his crib nicely then proceeded to sleep another 2 hours. I was able to run to get gas in the truck by myself (thanks to Anna being here). When Leiland woke we played a bit then Owen woke and nursed. After that we decided its the perfect day to go play outside. Its a gorgeous sunny 40 degree day - so off we went. We build a snowman finally (don't judge) and then did some sledding. Absolutely perfect. When Owen was done he and Anna headed in while I continued to sled with Leiland. Thats been so hard when its just me and the kids. But we made it work today.

Now please don't judge me on my snowman building skills. Keep in mind that I haven't built a snowman in enough years that the last one my parents probably helped me with. I honestly don't remember building one. I remember building igloos - and we kicked butt at those - but not sure about snowmen. So yes probably a good 15-20 years since my last snowman. We will just add that to the skills I need to improve on as a parent - along with my amazing pumping carving skills. Thankfully Tim has those down pat. 

It was getting late so I came in to make dinner while Anna went out with him to play more. Perfect. We ate an incredible chicken dinner )the most organic meal I have even made) and took Anna home. Where we drove into another beautiful sunset. They have been stunning lately. 

When we got back home it was late so I quickly nursed Owen and he went down to bed then I was able to snuggle Leiland. He was so happy and I kept reminding him how proud I was for how good he did getting ready for bed. No fight and no repeatedly telling him to do x, y, z. 

Perfect day. Couldn't have been any better (except if daddy was here with us).


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