11 month update

Wow one more month and he's not a baby anynore. The last month I've seen him change SO much.


Size 12m clothes with a few 18m in there. Some 12m too small but many of the pants are huge. Then a lot of 18m fit. 
Size 3 diapers
Size 4.5 shoes
18.2 pounds

New skills:
High fives
Early walking
Turning around to get out of bed

No words. He's trying to say hi and mom. Sometimes tries saying more. On occasion he will sign milk but not often. 

Got two new teeth when we visited california. Now has a total of 5 teeth. Two bottom three too. His left side seem to be ahead of his right. 

He is starting to walk. He will take 5 or so steps before diving. He does it all on his own too meaning he doesn't need to be walking to one of us. He just tries to walk. It's so adorable. 

He's definitely getting big and growing. He takes a sippy cup great no matter the contents. He likes almond milk as a practice drink because pumping is pointless these days. 

His favorite toys are anything automotive (cars, trucks, trains, planes), balls, music, and his big brother Leiland. He is crazy about him. However if Leiland tells him no it takes something owen cries and screams as though Leiland hurt him. Little stinker this boy is. 

He starting to like more table food but is very picky. I still offer the purée foods because they are on my freezer lol. Once gone I won't make anymore before we move. Then I'll make pouches when he gets a little better at them. 

Sleeping better is off and on. Some days he does great but teething definitely impacts that. I've been trying to nurse to sleep less and lay him down awake more often. It's harder with Leiland always around and ruling him up. He fights it when there are things to see and do. 

Owen has two bad habits. Hiring and biting. Because he likes sucking his fingers so much he goes back and forth from breast to fingers and back to breast. So when nursing he may relatch 3-6 times. Well now when he's done he just bites me. Not cool. We're working on it and it's getting better. He also likes to bite Leiland. As for the hitting it's usually out of excitement. Not worried about it yet bi just tell him to be nice and be soft. Give loves. 

That's all for now. I can't believe he is so close to one already. 

Someone is starting to pay attention to tv
February 27th, remembering baby Alexander

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