Moving update!!!!

Friday we closed on the tennnessee house. There was a slight hiccup but it did finally come together. However it caused our closing in Michigan to be delayed. First it was pushed to Wednesday because of the holiday. Then Thursday because the sellers went on vacation and wouldn't be back till Wednesday. And somehow the realtor got the title company to open and do our closing Monday and so the sellers are coming back early so we can close.

I really don't know any of the behind the scenes of it but as long as we close and I get out of the hotel ASAP I don't care. 

We've been in the hotel several days now. It's not easy. Tims on night shift from 6pm-6am. He gets here and we wake up. Then it's either disappear for the day so he can sleep or try to keep 3 kids quiet and to not wake him. Ellie's teething and got her first tooth here so just imagine the crankiness she is. 

Reguardless tomorrow we close on the new house. I can't wait to get moved in and unpacking. Even though I know it will not be easy at all. 

We've done it. We made it to Michigan. I sure hope we don't regret this choice. My kids already seem so happy about seeing their cousins more. 


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