Elissa 9 month update

Wow I've fallen behind. Life's been crazy with moving and all.

9 months old. 
Wears 12 month clothes
Wears size 3 diapers. 
Has first tooth as of 9 months and 4 days old. 
Crawling since 6 months. 
Pulls to stand incredibly easily. 
Stands unassisted while clapping and moving around. 
Takes 1-4 steps. 

I'm not sure on weight and height yet but probably around 17 pounds. 

She still doesn't love food but is slowly getting better. She likes puffs now. Will eat some scrambled eggs. Seems to like strawberries. 

Sleep has been rough but with moving I can't complain. She's nursing still around the clock. Usually every 2-3 hours. The day before moving I developed mastitis and had to take antibiotics but it cleared as quickly as it came thankfully. 

She laughs even when cranky at Leiland. Loves playing with the boys and petting the cat. Acts shy to everyone that try to talk to her. Freaks if I walk away from her especially when others are around. 

Last time we went swimming she did her normal cling to me terrified reaction but yesterday she swam and had a blast. Splashing, kicking, and just loving every minute of it. 

Says dada and babbles. She had said mama for all of 2-3 days but not since. Little stinker. 

She loves peek a boo, books, and chewing everything in sight. 

She a sweet little love bug and makes everyone around her smile.


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