6 week ultrasound and car trouble

First off, you have to know it takes us an hour and a half to drive to the dr office. So anyway, we got there on time, and we were out in 10 minutes. Works for me since you have to pay for parking.

Baby is measuring 2.29mm (5weeks, 5days) and the HB was a strong one at 113 bpm *we weren't able to hear, but Dr Q could measure it. That made us BOTH feel great.

Then there was the rest of the evening. A little back story. I have had a slow leak lately, so Tim told me to purchase some fix a flat, and yesterday morning he put it in and drive my car to work. I had his truck for its oil change. We take my car everywhere, so when he got home from work, we pumped the tire to be sure it was full enough. Drove and had no problems. Then when we backed out of the parking space, it sounded funny/ My tire completely deflated and fell off the rim. Luckily we were in a safe place (its LA) and so we backed back into our space. We pulled the spare out and Tim started working on changing it. While he did that, I started looking for a place to get a new tire. He was able to work through 3 of the lug nuts, but the last two weren't budging. And the crappy tool that comes with the jack began to mushroom as the pressure bent the metal. It was no longer tight around the lug nuts, becoming useless. We were both getting frustrated, but at this point, there was nothing he could do. Even if he did get it off, how would he tighten the spare on?

So we called our insurance roadside assistance, they send a tow truck out to change the tire. In this time we located a Big O Tire shop that was sending a guy out to get us a tire. $160 for a new tire, ouch. So we waited. The tow truck guy came, but in the mean time, Tim got one more lug nut lose. The tow truck guy filled us in on how not goof the fix a flat stuff is, and its only meant for 50 miles till you fix your tire. I had no idea. But while we waited, we did find a nail puncturing my tire.

So the guy pulls out his tools, and what I refer to as the "Nascar Gun" because I keep forgetting the actual name. Even he couldn't get the last lug nut on. It took him 4 tries, and only worked when he re-tightened the other lug nuts to have more even pressure, then it came loose. He got the tire off, and in his opinion, we could patch the tire as opposed to replacing it. Works for me. So we leave the parking garage to head to the Big O Tires. They were really nice and even got us in right away. They weren't sure if a patch would work on the tire because it wasn't very far in, so the inside was angled, but they gave it a try. Sure enough, it seems to have worked. And it only cost $18, much better then $160. So we drove home, arriving about 2 hours later then planned. NO dinner planned and poor Tim having school to catch up on. Ugh. But we have a safe and happily growing jellybean inside me.


Amanda said...

So glad the tire got fixed & cheaply! ;) Yay for a great report on jellybean! =)

Valerie said...

Yay for having a heart beat. I'm so happy for you.

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