Congratulations - This baby is a Fetus

Veins are very visible beneath your fetus' skin and fingers and toes are forming now during this week of pregnancy. Your fetus is developing intestines, although amazingly enough—they are developing outside of your baby's body and in the umbilical cord. When your baby is big enough, they will move inside the body where they belong!!

You are 2 months pregnant already! Some of your clothes may begin to feel a bit tight during this week of pregnancy, and you may notice that you have already started to gain weight. Most doctors recommend that during pregnancy, women should gain between 20-30 pounds. Watch your diet closely and make sure that you are getting adequate nutrition to nourish both you and your baby during your pregnancy.

- - How amazing, my little peanut has arms and legs growing. 2 months pregnant seems crazy to say too. I am so excited to see my peanut on the next ultrasound.


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