NT Scan - 12 weeks 2 days

So, we finally had the dreaded but exciting NT scan.

I chose to go back to the same dr this time because he was so nice last time when we found out the bad news with Ruth. This time Tim was able to join me, and we were both really excited to see the baby.

So we arrived by using our new GPS for the first time, I am so in love with that thing already. We parked with no issues, and this time I knew where to go. Except I totally missed the office RIGHT in front of the elevator. Kind of funny. Anyway, so I filled out all the paperwork, they even had my old OB in there, so we had to redo some of it. No biggie, but it was a sign that they remembered I have been there in the past. So the paperwork got done and we just sat and waited or turn.

When we were called back, I was given some more info to fill out, and the nurse explained that I needed to empty my bladder (already did) and to undress from the waist down. She looked as though she was ready to leave, so I nervously requested a sheet. She grabbed one, and explained it again, along with how to lay on the table. I think I can handle that. Anyway, so I get up on the table and we waited for the dr. When he arrived he was talking about something and I mentioned being here for our daughters NT scan. And they both looked so puzzled. They asked if it was this office, which I replied yes, then he asked when, and I said this past February. So he stared at his nurse in a "why did you not know this" sort of lok, and she pulled up my old file. I was a little frustrated, but whatever. So she read his notes off too him.

He started with the abdominal ultrasound and right away I could see the heart beating. First good thing. Then as he got to the profile, I immediately noticed how small the babies fluid was behind the neck. I was smiling SO big at this point. (and I am not one to plaster a smile on). SO he measures it and it was 1.4mm in the first measurement and 1.6mm in the second measurement. Either way, BOTH amazing numbers. Ruth measured 4.55mm on the second scan of hers when we did the CVS. AMAZING news. We could both breath good again.

So the rest of the exam we just watched our little bean. We only heard the HB for a few seconds. The dr moved SO quick this time that we were probably only in there about 5 minutes total (ultrasound time). Either way, this baby appears healthy and that is the best news ever.

On to some pictures


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