So Frustrated

So I took my car in today for the 5th time to get it fixed. Still I wasn't too frustrated about this, I sit at home all day. I drop it off expecting it to be yet another 3 hour appt. No the guy calls to say they need to keep it till tomorrow. Umm that won't work, I have an appt I have to leave for at 6:40am to meet my perinatologist. I had a genetic appt with them. Ok so they send their driver to take me to Enterprise to get a free rental. No problem, right?

So wrong! First they make me wait forever because they INSIST on putting me in a freaking Nissan since that is who is paying for the rental. I could care less what car you give me I just want to go about m day. Wrong, oh so wrong. The first car they give me, a Ford Focus. and it was not even close to a nice one. Fine. I drive back to the dealership to get some things I need for my day today and tomorrow. Then I notice a big bulge in the tire. I can't drive that to my appt, its way too far and not safe. So I return it for a different car. They give me a freaking old Honda Accent I think. Tiniest car ever, no automatic locks, mirrors, or windows. Ok I am not a snob, but I drive a 2009 Nissan Altima. Nothing great but its a decent car. I would expect at least that of a rental. And to top it all off, it REEKED!!!!! Seriously I wanted to vomit and I don't even have extra sensitive smell right now. Honestly it had to be the worst ever BO I have ever smelled.

Ok so I go to the library to take care on one errand. I then call my peri and try to reschedule. They can't. They are full and to do the appt its like an NT where you only have so much time. They can't fit me in and there is NO way in hell Iam driving this thing there and wanting to puke the whole time. So I took the stupid car back to Enterprise, didn't pay a penny, and went home.

So now I am home, had to cancel my appt that I can't reschedule or go to, and I am so frustrated with my emotions because this shouldn't make me cry so much.


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