3 hour glucose test

So this morning I went in and took my 3 hour glucose tolerance test. Not nearly as bad as everyone made it seem. I took a few magazines (baby ones of course) to keep me busy along with a book. The phlebotomist that took the first draw was awesome and I never felt it. I made sure to let her know too. I was given the lemon lime drink again this time, and told I had 5 minutes to complete it. I downed it in less then 1 minute and she was pretty impressed. Then I started reading my book, but I was really tired. So I just sat there and closed m eyes for a few. The second draw stung a tad but needles don't really bother me, so it was fine. Continued reading my books but doing just fine with it all. The next blood draw I got the first phlebotomist again, but she said the last one blew the vein in my arm. So she had to draw from my hand. Again, not bad at all. It tingled a little a few minutes later but not bad. The last draw came quickly because a nice woman and I were chatting in the waiting room for awhile. I got the nice lady again and she used my hand again.

All in all it wasn't too bad one bit. I ate a salad for dinner last night (keeping my sugars down) and went in at 8:40 this morning.

After the test I ran across the street to run in Ross. And of course I spent a little money.

So now I am sitting here ordering some papa johns (deserved after not eating for 17 ½ hours), I am light headed, broke out in a sweat, and very weak feeling. When I started typing this I noticed my hands are really shaky too. I feel like my blood pressure has drastically dropped, but it could be from the low sugar too. I’m decided to eat something real quick, but holy smokes it’s such an uncomfortable feeling all of a sudden. It feels like the first time I gave blood, or when I was dehydrated in basic training.

So I ate two granola bars and my camelbak of water (24 oz) and feel a tiny bit better but still a little off.

Gonna chill on the couch until my pizza gets here.


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