OB Appt

Ok so I did the ultrasound first. He is so stinking cute. He is already 4 pounds 11 ounces and in the 50th percentile. He is measuring a couple days small but that's not uncommon. His first HB check was 119 bpm but then he got really active and it was 144 bpm. My weight was 190 and bp was 130/73. The baby is still head down and right on my cervix cuddled up to my placenta. He was also putting his hands and fingers in his mouth. So cute. 

Ok so he isn't worried about my girl parts swelling because its just me starting to retain water. He said the contractions  are ok. I need to call if they get too strong to handle, or 5 minutes apart for an hour. As for the babies weight he estimates he will be about 8 pounds. . 

So that's it I think. I come back on the 30th. 


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