Went to L&D

Today I called the dr for a lot of cramping. They said because I am so early to go in and be monitored. I called and went in because I was already down the hill. Didn't want to go home just to turn around and head back down. 

So they hooked me up. Nothings really happening. A couple small contractions but it took them forever to find them. They were down low but when I first got there that's not where they put the monitor. The cramping slowed down a lot while I was here. But I had been feeling it since 7 this morning. Baby is moving a ton and his hb is good. My bp was 111/76 which is good. 

The nurse told me to relax and limit activity for the next few days. Lay on my left side and see if it persists. 

I have an appt Wednesday next week with the Dr as well. 


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