CIO Whatever day

Im not really sure what day we are on.

2 nights ago I had to nurse Leiland at 430 because he didn't eat much the day prior, but then he slept till 9am. Last night I didn't nurse him and when rocking him he wouldn't settle so I put him in the crib and cried off and on for about 8 minutes before going to sleep. He slept till 8 this morning.

We are on nap #1 this morning and because he didn't nurse last night he ate first thing, then had some breakfast. He was fussing because he is tired so I took him to bed, no nursing or rocking, laid him down, started his sea horse, and he fussed less then 5 minutes and went to sleep. He didn't even sit up in the crib.

THIS is an amazing step, he is getting it. I am so proud of him.


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