11 month update

I kind of missed the 10 month update - oops.
So Leiland is getting so big. He is trying to walk but he's scared. Im certain its from the numerous face plants. But he runs holding your finger or the couch. He alao will walk 5 to 10 steps to get to me, the couch, or a toy. Most times if you stand him up and he wants something he will get down and crawl. Otherwise he stands there for a good amount of time.
He is eating better. Hes been doing solids 3x a day now since Hawaii. Usually meals consists of 3 or 4oz of purees and a few bites of whatever I'm eating. He doesn't eat a lot though. He also nurses about 4 times a day.
He still isn't sleeping well. We did good till he had that sinus infection. Then teething has bothered him since over a month ago. His poor mouth looks so sore.
Leiland is completely off his previcid and has been since Hawaii. He still needs to be burped but it's finally doing good off the reflux medication.
Favorite toys are pretty much anything. He likes anything and no toy lasts longer than a couple minutes. He loves climbing even though most things cause him to come crashing down. He comes running if the laptop is out and just goes nuts for it.
At 10.5 months he started hitting everything. Its not hard but still unacceptable. Not sure if telling him no hitting 50 times a day is working or if ignoring it would be better. The joys. He has also been super whiney. I think its due to teething though.
So not a ton new. Finally has his 2ndtooth, only says mama and dada. He says hi but I don't think it's intentional. He gets into everything and is so full of personality. He is a cuddly loving little boy and only a month out from toddlerhood.
Clothes: 18 months
Diapers: cloth or size 4
Eyes: hazel
Shoes: 3.5


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