CIO Day 1

what? You say we already did CIO day 1? Well we had to stop and are starting over. He was teething too bad to let him CIO before. But that bottom tooth is through and now we are still working on the top two, but he is doing better.

So, I didn't really decide to was going to be day 1 till I went up to lay him in bed. I had already nursed him and he was sleeping good. When I moved him to burp him I smelled he had pooped, so I had to change him which woke him of course, but not too awake. However when I went to lay him in bed he was looking all around. First I laid him down and walked out, but he just sat up, so I went back and held him for a minute. I then laid him back down and rubbed him hair and back to calm him, but he kept crying. So I kept rubbing. He would have been down a little before he was but the cat came in and jumped in his crib. Loser. So I had to toss him and that started Leiland. SO I kept rubbing. It took about 25 minutes total but he did fall asleep. We will see how well I do during the night.


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