1 year update

Already a year old. Its gone quick but i love every minute of it.
Leiland is 20 pounds 12 ounces and 30 inches long. He is thinning out so much these days. Walking and running everywhere can do that. He doesn't crawl much at all anymore and can stand up without needing something to hold. He is trying to talk so bad. Most things sound the same but you know what it is because he is a little repeat machine right now. He can actually say dada, mama, cat, hot, ahchoo, and anna. In his own way he also says bless you (achoo), out, uh oh (says the uh part only), elmo, and tries to repeat a lot. I love seeing him learn new words. Its amazing. For awhile if you asked him to say something and he didn't know what it was he would say hot. I think it had to do with not understanding hot.

He got sick in late April and was still coughing and had a runny nose over his birthday. Then we all got a stomach bug that started with him. Because of all of this he has been super stingy with eating food and drinking milk. He flat out shakes his head to get away from the spoon or cup. We will keep working on it. However we did celebrate our 1 year breastfeeding together. I'm so amazed we made it this far with such few struggles. We were almost weaned till he got sick and now I'm not pushing it. He will get there when he is ready.
Some of his favorite toys include dvd's (playing with not watching) his teething tablets bottle, still the baby food cupboard, his nesting cups, toothbrush, and he likes whatever you might have.

He is walking good when he has on shoes now but that took some time. We still like the robeez style a lot. He has 5 teeth and his hair is really starting to come in. His eye lashes are insanely long too.

Thats all i have for an update now. Pics will be soon.


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