Sleep Update

Sleep has been rough lately. Just before Leilands birthday he got sick with a cold that lasted 3 weeks. Then he had the stomach virus. During this his sleep got messed. When sick he would wake usually once, and I just rocked him for a few. Then after the virus he wasn't eating much, but wanted to nurse ALL NIGHT LONG. Not working for me. After he started eating better during the day I had to stop this. It took a night of just letting him cry. He woke 3 times that night and I went to comfort him each time, but when he was asking to nurse, I just laid him in his crib. The next day he took a 3 hour nap. Now he has stopped crying at night and is napping 1 time a day for 3 hours at a time. Works great for me. So I am not sure if it was a typical 1 year old sleep regression or being sick - maybe a combination but I hope this sticks again because I need my sleep.He was also crying more when I put him to sleep but now he is no longer fussing when I put him down to nap or go to bed. YAY for this big boy.


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