Sleep update

After that 4th tooth came in Leiland stopped sleeping good again. I think part of it could have been this cold he was hit with on Saturday, but who knows. Anyway, the last two nights he woke twice and I just had to rock him a bit and put him back in the crib. Fine with me. He is even going down for naps good. Today I laid him in the crib awake, he sat up and played a little. They he started fussing and when I looked at him I realized he had fallen asleep sitting up in the crib. SO cute. So I went and laid him down. Last night he woke when I put him to bed and just laid there. He had rolled to his back but wasn't fussing. When he began to fuss I was watching him and he finally rolled to his side and went right to sleep. I am so proud of him and being able to finally learn to sleep. What a good little guy he is.


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