Molars are hard work

At this point Leiland hasn't gotten a new tooth in almost 2 months. We have had a few days where he has shown all the signs of teething. Yes they have been rough. But the last 3 days have been miserable. He is constantly drooling, whining, and just not his usual self. I can see the bottom two molars are getting there, but I can't see them through the gum surface just yet. They are swollen and bright red (white at the centers) and he will not let me look in. I only see them when he is laughing.

On top of the mood changes he also won't eat much.

Today from his nap he woke up and his first word was teeth followed by ouch. He slept maybe 35 minutes and whimpered most that time.

He still wears his teething necklace, takes teething tablets, gets advil 1-2 times a day, and sometimes he even gets orijel. He fights it all.


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