Sick baby

Last week Thursday I watched my friends kids. While here one of them started showing signs of a cold. Then Sunday we went to a baby shower and by the evening Leiland was showing signs.

So it seemed like an easy cold - clear runny nose but that was all. As it went on it seemed to be better and one day it seemed almost gone. On top pf his cold he was teething really bad. So then Saturday we went to the park with friends and he was hood. Then it got worse. Today (Tuesday) I took him in. Last night he struggled to sleep because of coughing that was making his struggle to catch his breath.

So the dr checked on his fever, nose, ears, heart, and lungs. He was wheezing so the dr sent him for a chest xray. Leiland did so good. He was listening very well, read a book, and sat so nice for his xray. While we waited for the results I got some snacks and he loved a rice krispie. The dr took us back and said he has rsv/ viral pneumonia. We were prescribed an inhaler with a tube mask and an oral steroid.

He only took one dose of each but we will get more on tomorrow.

Aside from labored breathing the thing that tipped me off that something was wrong was all he did all day long was cry. He isn't like that ever.

I love him and his kind spirit. I just want him feeling better. I would take it if i could. But i cant so i will drown him in cuddles and love.


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