TTC #2 - First cycle

So its official, we are ttc #2. We have never NOT tic but we are starting IVF as soon as my period starts. This will be our first cycle with frozen embryos, our 3rd IVF, and hopefully baby #2.

Today we met with the RE (Dr. Q) to see what the game plan is. As soon as my period starts I just have to call and we will be in progress. If all goes as planned we will be transferring 2 embryos around October 8-12th. My medications were ordered today and the schedule is so much easier than with a fresh cycle. I was very anxious about the frozen embryo transfer (FET) because its so foreign to me, but really its SO much easier.

So on CD 3 I start Delestrogen .3ml shots and take them every 3 days (CD 3, 6, 9) then on CD 11 I get bloodwork and an ultrasound to check. Delestrogen again cd 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39. I would also start daily injections of progesterone 1ml on CD 12 and Medrol dose pack (steroid to prevent rejection of embryos) CD 13-18.

Its crazy that we are here, it came so quick. We planned to start at the end of November/ early December however with the upcoming move - things were moved up.

Im honestly scared. I am terrified of another miscarriage, another instance of Ruth, and possibly twins. BUT I am so excited to get pregnant again and to give Leiland a little brother or sister. One more month and I can know if we should expect a new family member next June.


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