5 Weeks Pregnant

Today is 5 weeks pregnant. I have known for about 10 days now. It feels like longer, yet it all feels so slow at the same time. Leiland has been off lately and I think he is getting molars, so I have just been trying to get by. I was having slight nausea off and on through the day, but that seems to mostly be gone now. I'm slightly more tired then usual, and my boobs have a tinge or soreness, but its not even close to bad. I'm still really nervous. I can't make that feeling go away. I feel like this pregnancy is going to be ok, but then I am still nervous all the time.

I told Leiland there was a baby in my belly. He asks to hold it, and calls it his baby. Its so stinkin cute. Then today he started saying there was a baby in his belly. One silly boy he is.


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