Post transfer - IVF #4, FET #2

So yesterday everything went great. We arrived a little too early but it worked out because I got to pee before the procedure. I am always WAY too full. So I went to the bathroom and was able to refill my bladder before going it. And I still had to go terribly bad when finished. It also gave Tim and I some time to hang out and relax. I haven't been able to spend that many hours one on one with Tim is a VERY long time. We dropped Leiland off at 8:45 and when we picked him up he passed on right away in the car, and slept till 5pm. So I had the better part of the day with just the two of us.

Shortly after arriving the embryologist came in to tell us the 2 blasts they thawed survived the thaw but we both still compacted. She said they could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours to expand, but it wasn't a bad thing necessarily. So we had 2 - 1 Grade 1 and one Grade 2 to put in. We walked into the procedure room and checked to be sure my bladder was full enough. It was full enough to flatten my uterus. So we were good. The embryologist came in again to give a little more info. While in I asked her opinion on if it was better to do a 5dt with frozen over 3dt. Last time we thawed 4 3 day embryos and 2 didn't advance, the other two were not great quality. She explained that if they freeze on day 5 they tend to thaw better, and survive better. Because some froze on day 3 may not make it to day 5 if they were going to freeze them or transfer them, so the 5 days were stronger if they made it. This worried Tim. He took it as that means they are more likely to survive in me and more likely to produce twins. And that might be the case. I will welcome it with open arms if thats the case. We shall see.

Once home yesterday I did pretty good resting, and Tim was really helpful with Leiland. Today Tim is out of town. Its only 9:30 and I feel like I have already done too much. But I have a child - alive and breathing - I have to tend to him. I have a friend coming over for a few hours to help, so that should be good.

As far as how I feel, just cramping a light - medium amount. Nothing crazy, but praying for some sticky embryos.

Off to rest and relax a little more.

U/S from transfer


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