Oh the two week wait (2ww)

The joys of the 2ww are torturous. If you have even gone through trying to conceive you understand the torments of the 2ww. Infertility makes it so much worse. And us doing IVF? EVER worse. How is that possible? Simple. I KNOW there are two embryos inside me. I am closer to pregnant than I have been in all those years of 2ww's. Because I actually know there is a REAL possibility of it. So the other day when I

 - got nauseous from drinking mountain dew, I question if I am pregnant.
 - got nauseous again from eating, I question if I am pregnant.
 - felt a sore boob, I questioned if I am pregnant. (and poked and proded the rest of the night)
 - contemplated making a sandwich and a pickle sounded delicious. I question if I am pregnant.
 - bake cookies and smell nothing but the walnuts, I question if I am pregnant.

All I do is ponder, guess, and daydream about the possibilities.

Ah, the 2ww. Thankfully it isn't truly 2 weeks to wait. From transfer to my first HCG Beta its only 8 days. I do think I just MIGHT have to POAS on Sunday, and that would be 10 DPO or 5dp5dt.


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