15 week update

Some days I feel like this pregnancy is taking forever and others I am shocked I'm already x weeks. Today marks 15 weeks. YAY. For the most part feeling great, but the past few days getting nauseous. Both because I'm hungry, and also making it impossible to eat certain things. Today I went to eat lunch and once it was in front of me I just struggled to take a bit. I only are about half and had to force myself to eat that much. Could be worse I suppose. I still pee like a race horse. I don't know why I have to go so often and it hurts SO bad to hold it. Pretty sure people think I am nuts. At dinner last night I had to go 3 times while we had dinner in front of us. Oops. Oh well though.

So I weighed myself this morning - 178.8 so still down 1.2 pounds but slowly climbing back to my starting weight. Not worried about that at all. I think thats pretty good. I think that puts me about the same weight at this point with Leiland. Just with him I started at 170 not 180. Either way looks good at the moment.

Tomorrow is my elective gender scan. 15 weeks and 1 day. I can't wait to see for myself what this baby is. Even though I have already been given the blood results from the maternity 21 test.

Still no feeling baby move. That is the part I am most excited for this pregnancy. I have seen how active this kid is and I just can't wait to feel it for myself. I absolutely loved it with Leiland and he moved so little. This one I know will be more active.

My back has been bothering me for a few days now. A warm bath didn't help any and I don't really know how else to help it. I am going to try and get in for a massage but not sure if I can make that work. I really struggle to carry Leiland now, but he is getting better walking places and holding my hand if its not too far. We are working hard on walking and listening while going through a store. Some days I just don't' have the patience to deal with taking twice as long on a shopping trip. So he goes in the cart per my request.

I have noticed my sense of smell is definitely stronger. Lets just say my toilet is cleaned more often and the trash emptied more frequently. I just can't stand the smell of either. Oh and milk gone bad? Make me puke.

I was really constipated for a couple weeks, but it seems a little better this week. Drinking water and upping fiber gummies isn't helping ANY.

I definitely think my belly is getting bigger. Forgot again today to take a picture, so I will just take it tomorrow a day late. No big deal I suppose. I am in maternity pants now and some tops. I don't have much for short sleeves and my shirts ride up real bad, so this weekend I am headed to motherhood maternity.

Thats all I really have for now. Not too much to report. I have my OB appt Tuesday and I will update after that.


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