19 week update

Wow I can't believe next week will be the "half way" point. 

I don't know my weight. It's been about a month since I checked it. My appetite came back then the last two weeks we've been sick. Normally it doesn't affect my appetite but it did. And now I'm nauseous again. All day the past couple days. One day ill enjoy food again. 

My belly is growing but I feel like its slowed down. My boobs feel bigger and are still sore. I don't feel movements yet. I keep thinking it could be him but nothing.  I push on my uterus to try to get him moving and no luck. I do have a spot on the right side though that hurts when pushed. I want to ask my dr about it because its hurt for awhile now. 

I don't seem to have to pee as often. I think because he's moved up some. I still sleep on my tummy and that's the best position. My exhaustion is gone now too and I'm very grateful. 

While we were gone for our 3 week trip I was so bummed not to have my Doppler. So the first night home (3 nights ago) I was so excited to sit and listen to him. 

We've started discussing names but that's going to take awhile I think... I'm so indecisive. 

Anyway not much else to report. Overall I feel good.  Can't wait to feel kicks though. 


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