We're home!!!

Our 3 week jaunt to visit friends is over and we are both pretty happy to be home. We drove to Vegas, flew to Fargo, visiting Connie and the kids for two weeks, flew back to Vegas, spent a few days, and drove home. 3 weeks is really long to be gone. I've missed my bed, and my animals. It was so good to cuddle them all once we got home. Leiland was even really excited to see them. For 3 weeks Leiland and I have shared a bed, so tonight is the first night back in his own bed. Even since Tim deployed he wakes at least once a night and usually comes to our bed. Since he already has to readjust to being home and in bed without me, I am taking this time to try and reestablish him sleeping the whole night in his bed. I love cuddling him but I would rather he get a better night sleep and I want the bed free when its time for baby to join. Leiland had a great trip overall, however we both got sick a week in and its still going. He has also been teething hard core and got his first 2 year molar to break through the gums. Two more are making good progress and one is just waiting (he always has slower teeth in that spot on the top right). So pictures are to come, but for now we rest, and clean the house. I still need to unpack.


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