32 week update

Holy cow less than two months till I'm due. I still feel like it's forever away but I know it will go so fast. 

Weight 192

I'm really loving how much this little baby moves. I get to lay in bed first thing in the morning and when going to bed and just enjoy him. He's so sweet already. And all mine. I just love feeling him and knowing he's all mine. No one else feels him the way I do. Everyday. Every time he starts to move everything stops so I can just feel him. He's all mine and in a couple months I'm going to have to share him. I will seriously miss this time with him. 

I'm starting to notice a few red spots on my belly but not enough to show in a picture though. I'm sure I'll get more but not as many as I got from sweet Leiland. All my shirts are too small and don't keep my tummy covered. I only have one pair of jeans that I like and fit well enough. The weathers been really nice here and I don't own enough short sleeve shirts. 

The dogs don't seem to notice things changing. Leiland seems to be understanding. He will hug brother and give kisses too. We put the crib together and put the bedding on so he can see changes happening. He loved seeing it when I showed him where brother would sleep. My good friend Cherie just had a baby so he sees his friend with her baby brother and I hope that helps. He has seen him twice now. I'm trying to put together a gift for Leiland from baby brother. 

My biggest stresses lately are the worries about leaving Leiland when I go in labor, where I'll take him, and how he will do. I'm also really stressing over names. I live the name Landon but worry about how popular it is. Tim however doesn't want to consider any others. I just don't know but if we don't find one we both love better that's what he will be called. 

I called and scheduled my first chiropractor appt for Friday. I hope it helps my back. Too much walking or cleaning is just too much for me. They also work with infants if I decide to take him and I'm seriously considering it. I hope it goes well. I'm a bit nervous. Now I just need a good foot massage. I also scheduled an appt for an hd ultrasound. We waited a bit longer than I wanted but hopefully we can still get some good pictures. I can't wait to see his little face. When we went with Leiland all I could think was he had the most kissable lips. And maybe this guy will have hair. 

Speaking of hair with the amount of heartburn I've been having this little guy should come out looking like a monkey. I had heartburn with Leiland but not this bad. I need at least 150mg Zantac to touch it. And sometimes that doesn't work. It's usually at night but the last couple days it's been all day and makes me feel like ill puke. Or have that puke in your mouth reaction. I think it's a lot to do with his position but I'm not certain. I'd still love to see how he is and if he has some hair. How cute would that be? 

So yes 8 more weeks. Can't wait to meet this handsome devil. Can't wait to see if he looks like Leiland. Can't wait to hold his little hands and kiss those tiny toes. And to just smell him from my arms. 


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