Teething and potty training updates

The past few days Leiland has been kind of warm and yesterday he wasn't eating much at all. I also noticed yesterday morning he was chewing his fingers, hands, and his arm all morning. So last night I look in his mouth and sure enough the very last molar has one tiny speck that is through. I am amazed his mood has been so good. We have a bit to go before its "through" but its started. And I am praying it comes through before this baby arrives.

Potty training isn't anything we've been working on though. With baby just around the corner I don't feel like its smart to push it right now. BUT the other day he wanted to be nakid - fine. Well he peed in the potty. He started to pee on the floor but stopped, told me, and went to finish on the potty. The next day at night we took pants off because they were sagging, so was his diaper. So we took that off. But he wanted to slide so I put undies on him. He didn't want to go pee. He peed while brushing his teeth (running water) and peed a lot in those undies. No biggie - accidents is a way to learn. The next day he got naked when he woke and peed in the potty twice before nap. I didn't push it that afternoon. Then Wednesday he got naked after waking up, peed once and played. Before lunch I told him to go pee while I made lunch. He did with no fight then put undies on so his bum wasn't cold sitting at his chair. He ate lunch then went to play. I noticed him crouching behind the rocking chair and I asked if he had to pee. He said no he was pooping. I said don't poop in your undies put it in the potty. It seemed to click and he ran to the bathroom to go. I'm happy I caught him before he pooped in his underwear. Pulled them off and he pooped out a tiny turd. He was so proud and stood up. I told him he had to sit and put all his poops out. So he took a minute (too busy trying to see the one he got out) but eventually kicked me out. He pooped (a ton) and called me in when he was finished. I was SO proud of him. I told him he could have ice cream for pooping in the potty, but he didn't want that he wanted candy. He was all excited because the day before we bought more jelly beans and now had more pink ones lol. His favorite. So after pooping he put a diaper on and took a nap. When he woke dry I was SO excited and stripped him waist down. He was so mad and had a small fit about it. Finally 40 minutes later I convinced him to sit on the potty and he peed again!!! We were both so excited. A little bit later he asked for pizza for dinner. How could I deny a kid who went potty so well. I kept telling him how proud I was so YES he could have pizza for dinner. SO I put a diaper on him to go get pizza. When we got home he was dry so I took it off and put undies back on him again. He peed once more before bed and I was SO excited. I let him watch finding Nemo in my room and sleep in my bed.

I tried making a huge deal out of it because really it is. He had a diaper all day Thursday because we were gone all day, and today he seems like he could be getting sick. I am still not pushing it, but really excited he is getting the hint. So I am thinking maybe a month or so after baby comes (once we've all adjusted) we will take away diapers and spend a few days naked making it work. But right now we are gone so often for appts I am not ready to push it 100%. 


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