39 week update

Weight 199 bp 113/71

Everything's still hanging in there. Last night I finally felt some contractions and they were enough to time. Too bad I needed to go to bed rather than try to keep them going. We went for a mile walk then later in the evening did the deed to try and help. Seemed to help a little bit. 

Constipation has still been bothering me and the 3 colace a day aren't helping enough. But for the most part heartburn has been under control which is nice. In the previous ultrasounds they said he had hair and I really can't wait to see how much. I'd love a head full of dark hair on him. 

I'm sleeping ok. When leiland wakes at night I have to pee because in awake. Falling asleep is still hard but I've been so tired lately I'm falling asleep around 11. Could be worse. 

Yesterday I had the weirdest ailment. My left nipple both itched and hurt so bad. I don't know why and it was incredibly frustrating. It seems better today which is good. 

Saw the ob today. Nst went ok. Saw a couple contractions which excites me lol. The on checked me and I'm now 2cm and dr can feel his head. I don't know what that means exactly but he's low. I asked the dr to strip my membranes. He doesn't believe it does anything but I'll take it on the off chance it helps kick start things. I've had a lot more mucus today since this morning so that's good. Having a few contractions but nothing consistent at this point. Did a little shopping/ walking earlier and now I'm bouncing on my ball. Tonight I'll go to grocery shop and just keep going. I'm part energizer bunny right? 

One more week till due date. There is a good chance I'll go past that but really hoping he decides to show in the next week. I can't wait to meet him and hold him. Smell him and kiss his little cheeks and face. Not much longer. 


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