40 week update

Well it's my due date. Should I be excited? Maybe. I feel defeated still with no progress really. No contractions lately. But I have my induction scheduled and by this time next week I'll be holding my little man whose yet to be named. 

Weight 199.8 (weighed after a shower and again after drying my hair lol)

I feel ok. Pee 30 times a day, struggle to be comfortable, can't finish a full meal, wince with every kick and movement, and am emotional. I still love it. And I know it's almost over. It doesn't feel real yet. I feel a lot slower these days but in keeping up just with a few more breaks. I've been exhausted for about a week now. 

Yesterday I tried using my pump to induce contractions with minimal luck. Only had a couple contractions total. And my nipples were already sore so it didn't help any. Took a bath to relax too and that felt great. Today took a shower to get ready and sure enough at exactly 40 weeks I have stretch marks that are new. First ones this pregnancy. 

Trying to love the last few days. It can be hard. But I do love this belly and having him all to myself. Can't wait to see his little face and touch him. 


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