Vacation, flu, first tooth, and daddy's home

Oh boy. So Leiland, owen, and I set out for Georgia on December 27th. Stayed in a hotel half way. Leiland wasn't feeling well and seemed feverish. We swam before bed then in the middle of the night the fire alarms woke us. I quickly poked my head out as most guests were doing. No clue what was happening I put shoes on, put my sweater on with keys in the pocket, grabbed the boys (owens pants he crawled out of), and Leilands shoes. When we got to the lobby it appeared there wasn't a fire so we stayed in the lobby. Fire trucks arrived and firemen in full dress filled the lobby and halls. After about 50 minutes they got the alarms off and we were able to go back to bed. Exhausted. Owen nursed and both boys went to bed. Leiland was burning up though. So in the morning we did breakfast and found a Walmart. By then his body felt like it had cooled off some. I got a thermometer and tylenol and his temperature was 101.2. 

So off we went to drive another 6 1/2 hours. Overall they both did great in the car. We arrived a bit late but no biggie. Boys were so excited to see grandma, grandpa, and auntie Nicole. We hung out for two days not doing too much. One day we tried to be adventurous. It was raining and we wanted to go to hobby lobby and Kroger. When we left Leiland reminded us that he wanted to go to the park and we said we would if it stopped raining. So detour to the park. Right as I was walking to the swings I got a whiff of owen and his poopy diaper. So back to the car. I popped the trunk and changed him. Put the trunk down (using the button on the door) and immediately realize my keys are inside. Shoot. So I immediately call usaa roadside assistance and we wait for someone to come u lock my doors. Oops. 

On New Year's Eve at 4am we got ready and headed to the airport to get Tim. We arrived an hour before him however couldn't find the international area puckup. We finally found him and Leiland was SO happy. It's adorable seeing my boys all back together. 

The next morning (New Years day) we celebrated Christmas. I brought some of Leilands gifts to open up here. He had a good time and played a bit. We did a whole Christmas dinner that was amazing. So nice to be able to celebrate with Tim home and his family. Leiland is loving his grandma and grandpa. 

Slowly but shirly Leiland starts feeling a little better while the rest of us start getting more sick. Grandma got hit pretty hard and I got really bad body aches. Tim got it too. I've now spent 4 nights sleeping on the couch because owens been up crying so much. Two nights ago I finally got him down and went to bed at 1130. At some point he woke and joined us in bed. Wouldn't settle so I came to the living room. I never got back to sleep. He tossed, turned, and fought all night. He seemed pretty hot so I was giving tylenol and Motrin because with just motrin he was still up about 103°F. On both alternating he would sit around 100-101°F. Owen has also been teething. I've watched as his gums began to swell and redden. Well yesterday sure enough his first tooth popped through. It's his bottom left. Today it's not as red and swollen but I do see the other bottom tooth looks like it coming soon and his top two look red and swollen. 

Tim still feels sick and so do I. Last night was a little better with owen and I hoping tonight is better then last. I need sleep. This girl is exhausted. 

I don't know if we have the flue but that would be my guess. Poor owen has it the worst but I think it's because he's teething too. Poor kiddo. 


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