Today was the day

That I took my final shot of Progesterone in Oil. What a big day it was. I have been taking this shot in the bit bent over my stove since we put those two embryos back inside me on December 6th. I honestly don't mind the shot for the most part, after the first two, they really didn't hurt, and many times I never felt it go it. The first week I had to sit on a heating pad for my sore cheeks, but that had to eventually end because I got far too warm. Eventually my right butt check went mostly numb, however the shots usually hurt worse them. We have ofically run out of spots to prick my ass, and well we lived.

So 62 days and shots, plus 81 IUI later, I am wishing my progesterone a friendly farewell.

Now it is time for my tush to heal and go back to its normal shape and size.

Here marks 10 weeks and 5 day pregnant STILL!!!!


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