Told the RE

I have an appointment next Wednesday to see my RE one last time before I head out to Michigan. I don't feel the need to drive all the way out there just to see my baby one more time on an ultrasound. He can't tell me anything more, so there was no reason to go in. So today I called the office and asked to have Dr Quintero call me back, and he did within 10 minutes of it. So I filled him in on what we found and he felt really bad and apologized. He was asking questions because he offered to do the D&C there at their office, but we won't know results and make a decision before we head for Michigan. But he did say that he will keep with my plan, since we paid for two cycles.

I thought that was really awesome.

So thats that, I had lots of dreams last night, and was able to sleep in.


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