NT Scan -12w3d

So, today I went for the beloved NT scan. Before hand I was not going to go if Insurance didn't cover it. I felt I didn't need to pay the $895 for an elaborate ultrasound when I had NO family history or anything that would suggest I would have a need for it.

But they told me the copay was only $40, so I decided why not. So I went in for my appointment at 9:45 this morning, and was finally seen at 10:45. The ultrasound combined was only about 25-35 minutes, but I was in there about an hour.We had to stop and I had to bounce around to see baby at a different angle.

Baby is still measuring about a week behind, but its still growing.

So when the dr got the second view, he showed me a few things. One, I have a fibroid on one side, but he didn't tell me how large it was. Then he showed me excess fluid and even I could tell it was more then what the normal pictures had looked like.

So there is more then likely something wrong. I am rushing in tomorrow to get a CVS test done so I don't have to wait till I am 16-18 to have an Amnio done. I don't want to wait that long to know whats wrong.

The other things. It appears that baby has one arm that did not grow right. And the dr things this is related to whatever abnormality it has. It seems to have an elbow and a hand, but I couldn't see if it had fingers or if they are webbed. The baby didn't move that arm much, and its about 1/2 the length.

So thats the news so far. I balled my eyes out this morning, and I am doing ok right now. DH is being great and I was able to call a few friends who really helped me.

Please keep us in our prayers. I am just praying this baby has something other then a death sentience and can just be born and be a kid. Praying is all I can do at this point, its out of my hands.

Thanks for reading everyone.


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