CVS Test

Ok, so my CVS test was able to be done today, even though we just had the NT Scan yesterday. We should have he results in about 7-10 days. We talked with the genetics councilor and we still have no idea what this is because there is honestly NOTHING in mine or dh's family history. So we did the CVS to test chromosomes and have a more definitive idea of whats going on.

However, the dr at this office also did a scan, they measured the NT again and it was a little larget at 4.5 mm. The HB was 151 today and baby was kicking around. They never got a great view of the shorter arm but they did notice it. However its still very hard to see how abnormal it is. The Dr also mentioned he thinks there might be a club foot. We won't really know for sure or how bad till the 20 week ultrasound when they can do a comprehensive ultrasound of limps when baby is larger.

Ok, and on top of that, he mentioned there is a problem with the heart, and even the tech noticed it. They said something about it being off axis, but didn't really explain. He said once we know where the chromosomes are we can have an U/S to look at it closely and see how it developes. Right now its just too small and underdeveloped to really see whats wrong with it. Then I will have to have a 22 week echocardiogram to really go in-depth to look at the heart.

So DH and I are talking. I will load pics later to show you what we are talking about, but we can't see the feet. We are discussing different scenarios, and if everything is the issue (feet, arm, heart, and chromosomes) then we have to decide about things like how many surgeries that would be and what kind of life it will be. We both agree we could handle DS, but anything like trisomy 13 and 18, they just don't offer any kind of life for this baby.

So that is where we stand right now. I appreciate all the prayers we can have, we really need them right now.

I am on bedrest for two days after the CVS. They had to go through my abdomen because of where the placenta was located, but it wasn't terrible. There was a lot of cramping, but it went fairley quick. I even got to see the tissue sample, and that was kind of neat.

Oh and we learned that the NT enlargement could be a sign of a heart issue, and there is a chance that nothing is wrong with the babies chromosomes.


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