It was so very hard for me but last night I put Leiland in his cradle for the first night. He has been sleeping in our bed since we came home from the hospital. At first it was because it was too hard for me to sit up and get him in and out of the cradle. I decided to try the cradle again because his night feedings are to the point that he doesn't always fully wake up. I am also having trouble getting Leiland to sleep away from me.

It was really hard for me. I woke up missing him and didn't enjoy not having him in my arms. I do know this is "better" for him though. Who knows if I will stick with it when Tim deploys though. We will see. He has been napping in his crib more as well. I try to put him up there but he doesn't always go with it. He still sleeps most of the day and its a little hard for me to be away from him all day long so he can sleep in the crib.

I let him sleep on his belly since that is how he naps and he doesn't scare himself awake as much on his belly. I was nervous but we made it through.


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