What is happening (long)

Let's start with friday night. Leiland was fussy all afternoon after having slept great for Tim that morning. From 3PM and on he was eating or fussing. We tried getting him to sleep but he couldn't seem to stay asleep longer then 20 minutes. We had to run to target to refill his reflux meds and he basically cried the whole time there. After 40 minutes I finally got him to calm down and use his pacifier to sleep. We grabbed subway on the way home and I fed him while I ate (he woke when we put him in the car seat at target). He nursed for a long while but I finally got him to sleep. I decided to put him in our bed while I folded clothes. He slept fine and I finally went to bed.

He woke at 2 am to eat and nursed a good 20 .minutes. Then when I thought he was done I put my boob away and as I went to lift him to burp he puked everywhere. He soaked my clothes down to my underwear, his jammies, the boppy, carpet, and the chair we were in. What a mess. So about 245 I had him and I both cleaned up and him back to sleep. Poor guy I don't know why he is puking again.

Tim and I got up at 330 to get ready for Tim to go to the airport. I left Leiland in bed till it was time to go. He woke for a moment but was back to sleep. He slept the whole way there and back. When home I left him in the car seat since he was sleeping. Then when he fussed I put Jim in his swing where he continued to sleep. In total he slept for 6 hours and some change. He went 7 1/2 hours before eating again. I was so happy. Then the rest of the day was a nightmare. He was fussy just about every minute he was awake.

I finally took him upstairs to try one last feeding about 830. He fussed a little but finally slept. He woke at 1 to eat and then just screamed for so long. Finally the dogs were up so I had to let them out. While downstairs I couldn't seem to settle him so I rocked while he cried. He finally fell asleep about 230. We both did. I woke at 530 because the dogs wanted outside. Reluctant to wake Leiland I tried laying him on the couch and would join when the dogs came back in. But as usual he woke up so he wanted more food. I nursed him and tried to get him back to sleep but had no luck.

Since that first feeding the day has followed this pattern.
- Sleep for an hour
- Wake to eat
- An hour later be back to sleep
- Repeat

Sounds fine and all but he isn't getting any good sleep. I've tried his crib with the noise machine on and set to womb, I have tried the swing, and I've even just tried holding him. This poor boy is Exhausted. He is also still spitting up a good amount. I think its partly due to over eating while trying to sleep.

I don't know what's going on but he is miserable. I am exhausted and just want to make him feel better. Is this a growth spurt? If so how long till it passes? I just want my happy baby back.



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