Smile changes already

Leiland woke up to eat this morning just before 6 but had no intention or going back to sleep. So I brought him in bed with me and he was in a great mood. Rory needed to go out so we got up. I placed Leiland on his pack n play and he watched his monkey mobile. Since he was happy I went to do some diaper laundry. When I came back he was smiling away at the monkeys. I love it. He was even talking to them a little. So freaking cute. When he had enough I brought him to the chair and put him in my lap with the boppy. We were playing with his favorite little rattle and talking. Out of nowhere he started smiling a bunch. He was really reacting to what I was saying. Its amazing how much his smiles have changed just over the few days this week. I love watching him change and grow.


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