7 Month Update

Holy cow, this past month has FLOWN by, I can't believe it. I blame the holidays and having so much to get done.

So, at 7 months Leiland weighs 19.6 pounds, is 27.25 inches, and is wearing all 12m clothing (with the rare exception of a couple hoodies).

Leiland is not liking his baby food anymore, he would rather eat cheerios because he can feed himself. So we started some baby led weaning, and he is doing ok, just not ingesting a whole lot right now. He has been given noodles to self feed, and he wasn't as interested in those. He doesn't nap too well because he wants to nurse to sleep, and he nurses every 2 1/2 - 4 hours. Nighttime is random, sometimes he sleeps great other times he is up every 2-3 hours.

His favorite toys are his laugh and learn toy because he can stand beside it. He also love this toy that you push, pull, switch the buttons and an animal pops up from it. He has a little drum he enjoys because it sings crazy noises, and as always he loves his books.

We finally put his swing away, he still hated the thing. No more bouncer, bumbo chair, or his little rocking chair either. Instead we use the high chair, his new swing, the floor, and the jumper. He isn't too impressed by the exersaucer either, but I keep it out because on occasion its new again and will have its entertaining charm once more. He also enjoys standing along the outside of it.

Sorry for such a short update, its been a crazy month.


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