Watching him learn

I love watching Leiland learn. Its so great to see it happen before your eyes and watch him connect the dots. He is trying so hard to crawl but hasn't quite made the full connection. However everytime he gets his hands onto something new, he hits or bangs it to hear what noises it makes. Its so cute. I love it, except when he does it with my hair, that just plain hurts. He is so sweet to observe, but if I am too close, he just wants to climb on my. He things anything he can get his hands on must be a tool to help him stand. My hair, shirt, legs, body, the dogs, a stool, and even a stuffed bear head to a blanket. Didn't you know a stuffed animal is a standing tool? But he is getting stronger. He no longer just straightens his legs to stand, and he can get up onto his knees within seconds now. He is still learning to get from knees to his feet though. He also rolls everywhere, pivits in a complete circle with no thought, rolls where he wants, scoots slightly on his bum, and goes from sitting to all 4s when his leg doesn't get stuck. He is trying SO hard.


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