New Years Resolution

I have so many things I want to accomplish this year, but the main resolution is to get Leiland to sleep better. I realize there are no promises, however I have to try something. We did so good at first, but his daytime naps have gone down hill since about 1 month. Nothing I do seems to help. I previously tried reading through all of the book "The no cry sleep solution" but just didn't have spare time to read. I was also thinking about video recording as I go through it. When I started I really wanted to hear what to do because my lack of time to read.

So, this is my resolution. I have it planned out like this.

January - read the book and takes notes for reference
February - fill out charts and begin trying practices as well as observing him
March - note progress

We will see how he does. I truly hope to get some answers.


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