8 month update

Holy cow i thought last month flew, where did this month end up? Leiland is 8 months old and growing so big. He is still in 12m clothes but some are getting small. Still no crawling, no teeth, and no words. He is determined to make me wait. He is balancing much better when standing these days but doesn't try to pull up as much as he had been. He yells and fusses till you go stand him up. If i stand him at the couch he will walk around it pretty well however he forgets he cant walk. He uses both hands to play when standing and even lets go of things. If im sitting he will try to get to me and forget he can't walk. Its funny to me most times.
Right now he isn't eating much in terms of solids because he had been sick. Although he is letting me spoon feed purees again and he is trying to use his spoon. He is sleeping a little better waking usually once a night. We are working on that and falling asleep better.
His favorite toys are his fisher price jungle because he can stand, the activity table and its rattling phone, stuffed animals, and his bear rug. He is also completely smitten with daddy. If he is around he is full of grins and laughs. So not fair. But im happy he loves his daddy. He is the same ebony these days. He gets so giddy to see and pet ebony.
So 8 months old and no talking but he does scream, squeal, and babble. I love when he says blah blah blah and lalala. He says mmm but not mamama and he says ada but not dadada. I think we both excited for him to make the connection and say a word.

Weight- 20 pounds
Length - 28.25 inches
Clothes - 12m
Diapers - size 4 (finishing a handful of 3's)


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