Proud mama here

Oh my goodness, I don't think I have been this proud since the day Leiland was born. He is finally crawling. He is slow, but he is totally doing it, on hands and knees.

So since early December he has been able to get on all 4's. He prefers to do this from sitting then from laying down, and had been moving his hands. The problem was when he tried to move his little legs, his knees went out behind him. When we were on hard floors (bathroom and kitchen) he was starting to make some movement forward. If what he wanted was too far he wouldn't bother, if it was too close, he would move hands a little then lunge for it. The past week he has been taking 1-2 "steps" crawling before lunging. Today he totally started doing it. I am so proud I can't even say. He was tired and cranky, but I was able to catch part of it on camera.

After the video we moved him to the carpet with the shoes, and he did it again. He has always had a harder time on the carpet. But he did it. Then I took the dirty shoes away and he got mad, so I reached for him, and he started crawling towards me. YEAH LEILAND!!!!!! So proud.

Its really cute to me to watch because when he moves, he almost slides his body. I am betting in 2-3 weeks he will be going everywhere. Now he just needs to connect the dots that he can get to all 4's from laying on his belly, then we are in trouble.


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