Sick baby

My poor baby is sick. I woke to his fussing at 3 am and when i went to pick him up he was covered in puke. When i went to change him he puked a bunch more. So he got a bath and new jammies. I brought him down to rock and he dryheaved followed by puking twice more. I rocked him back to sleep after he dryheaved then again after he puked. He slept then till 730 when he woke hungry with a fever. Poor thing.  We cuddled a lot today and he fell asleep in his swing. I took him to his crib and he ended up napping for 3 hours and 45 minutes. He woke up so happy too. I wish he slept that great every day. He ate some mango but otherwise wasn't interested in food. Hopefully he has a good nights sleep and feels better tomorrow.


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