Poor sick baby

My poor sick baby still isn't better. Its been 2 weeks now. Last Monday his cough started and his nose had cleared up but started again. Then it cleared and today it started AGAIN. His couch keeps him awake at night and the humidifier isn't helping any. Today he even sounded raspy when he was just sitting on my lap breathing. He had a low grade fever this evening so I gave him tylenol in the bath with his reflux medication. He had diarrhea all day today, poor guy is now getting another rash from it. I just don't know how long to wait on this. Its not like the dr will do anything. I was considering it may be an ear infection because he has been tugging at his left ear, and he does this weird thing where he almost rubs his ear on his shoulder. I may call tomorrow just to see what they think. I just can't believe this cold is still going on after 2 whole weeks. He didn't sleep well last night, and isn't napping too great either.


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