9 months old

Holy cow, 1 year is approaching FAST, and I know after 1 flies by so quickly. I won't say I can't believe it because I totally can. I get to spend every day with this amazing little boy and I love ever minute of it. The 9 months have flown by, but I remember so many great times, it isn't being missed. I love seeing how big he is getting and how smart he is becoming. Its so special that I get to watch him learn, that is just a joy to see things connect for your child. What Leiland LOVES - his animals, particularly Ebony lately - stuffed animals - hair - my gosh he loves hair. Still cuddles with it and just rubs it. But he also yanks it. - shoes - if there is a shoe in sight, he WILL find it - it is how we got him to crawl though - yogurt melts and Happy Munchies Broccoli, Kale, and Cheddar snacks. - standing - crawling was just a means to get somewhere so he could stand up - my cup - he really loves playing with my cupco cups and pulling the stwar in and out What Leiland HATES - going to bed - waking up (still tired usually) - falling - oh my goodness does this boy crash - baby food - the jumper, he only wants to play with the toys from the outside now Leiland is finally ok with the car, he still cries some but nowhere near what he used to. He seems to like his bigger car seat much better too. And he waves at himself in the mirror almost every time we are in the car. Milestones - crawling on all 4's and getting pretty fast - sits himself up - sits and plays on his knees - puts 1-2 objects in a container if I show him (never on his own) - feeds himself pretty well (will eat 10-15 yogurt melts and other snacks in a sitting) - bangs all objects - walks holding onto anything (couch, toys, walls, coffee table, gate, doors, chairs...) - starting to let go when in standing position, not a lot but 2-3 times a day at least) - waves hi and by and sometimes goodnight - says dada, still no mama And still no teeth 12 and 18 months clothes, 12 are too short in anything that needs to snap Size 4 diapers 20 pounds 8 ounces 28 inches long


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